2018 New Student Sendoffs

Photo by Erin Schultze

Over the summer months, the Campbell University Office of Alumni Engagement partnered with Campbell’s regional alumni chapters to host New Student Sendoffs for incoming freshman across the state. The purpose of these events is to provide an opportunity for incoming students to mingle with alumni and current students and celebrate becoming a part of the Campbell family.

Over fifty students attended nine sendoff events state-wide, many of whom made new friends, connected with roommates, or spent time with alumni who once walked in their shoes. They asked questions about class schedules, residence hall life, and campus food in a personal, safe setting.

Knox Gibson (’17, ’17 B), a member of the Cape Fear Alumni Chapter leadership team, served as a host at their New Student Sendoff in July. As a Campbell graduate now giving back, he recognizes the importance of the sendoffs to a new student. He said, “At Campbell, the staff and alumni strive to create a thriving and warm environment both on campus and beyond. It is important to the Campbell experience for the students, their parents, and everyone involved in the Campbell culture to be able to call Buies Creek home. I know that this was a huge factor for me while in school and continues to be the main reason as to why I volunteer my time in my local alumni chapter. It is a great opportunity to meet with one another and begin building friendships that will last a lifetime. Due to the good food, great fellowship, and excitement surrounding the start of another school year, the freshmen sendoffs are always a favorite event for local alumni chapters and their members.”

Photo by Jordan Wright

Talia Scott is one of the hundreds of new students busily preparing for Saturday’s “Move-In Day” at Campbell. She brought her entire family, including her eleven siblings, to the Triangle sendoff, where she was able to introduce her parents to other parents of new students, as well as interact with students in her field of study. Even to a student from a big family, entering college can be overwhelming. The sendoffs are a way of reassuring students about their decision, as well as letting them know that people are celebrating their new journey. On the importance of the sendoff to her and her loved ones, Scott said, “For me and my family it meant that I was going to leave home great but come back greater.”

The Office of Alumni Engagement will be assisting and welcoming students during move-in day this Saturday, along with alumni volunteers. We are excited for these students to join the Office of Alumni Engagement at future events throughout their years in college and beyond.

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Rachel Davis, Office of Alumni Engagement Student Worker Writer
Erin Schultze Photography
Jordan Wright Photography

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