What 3 Things Influenced Your Vocational Choice?


This post was written by our director, Dr. Brian Foreman.

Take a minute to write those down. Chances are, unless you are in a congregational, para-church or non-profit setting, your faith may not have made the list of three. Of course, if you are reading this site, it may have, at which point you are likely an outlier. We have begun asking this question a lot and rarely do we hear many people list their faith as one of the primary influencers.

It is a question we asked 800 undergraduates at Campbell University, and those results are currently undergoing analysis. This spring we will begin presenting on this preliminary data and partnering with other schools to expand the research. That’s just one of the exciting things happening with CYTI. Here are a few additional highlights coming in the next few weeks:

  • A new video about CYTI and what it means for High school students exploring purpose in life
  • The registration for the initial Campbell Youth Theological Institute goes live (2 weeks, $600, on campus with respected faculty and faith leaders)
  • A amazing set of guest writers sharing their perspective on how faith influences vocation and calling (seriously, I’m humbled by those who have been willing to share their words with us). Check out the first one from Nick Errato of Help One Now. Later this week, Andy Jung, pastor of First Baptist Church in Albemarle, NC shares.
  • Presentations of the preliminary data at multiple events

If you would be interested in having someone from CYTI come and speak to your students, parents or congregation about teenagers, faith, vocation and the future, contact Brian.