A message from Student Body President Bryan Sanders

Campbell family, 

I am so sorry that our semester was modified so dramatically. Nobody was expecting this and, frankly, nobody saw it coming. We don’t have to pretend this is normal— it is only a season. Since the news was first issued, I felt as if I had pulled away from my home and I know that many of you are feeling the same. I write to assure you that this won’t last forever. Returning students, soon enough you’ll be back home to the place that we love. Graduating students, I know this is not how you wanted your time in the creek to end. I certainly didn’t want it to end this way, but I urge you to not let this virus taint your love for this university and your fellow students. We are still a Campbell family and always will be. 

It is extremely important that we as students thank and commend our professors for the way they have handled this transition. A majority of these wonderful instructors have never taught online before and they had to learn extremely quickly. That speedy transition proves the skill, tenacity, and passion that is in every Campbell faculty member. We will persevere through this together and be stronger on the other side.

Don’t let coronavirus discourage you. This virus may force us all to leave Buies Creek, but we can still find comfort in knowing it will be waiting for us when we return— with a new student union! I encourage you to focus on what is waiting for us at the end of this global pandemic. We will be back in Buies Creek better than ever!

Bryan Sanders ‘20

Student Body President