A sweet tribute turned success

Alumna Kennedy Stroud (’18) owns and operates Beaufort Creamery in her brother’s memory

Word on the waterfront in Beaufort, North Carolina is that Beaufort Creamery makes some of the best coffee ice cream. But, if you are a cold treat aficionado, you may argue that their Oreo reigns supreme. Owner Kennedy Stroud (’18) would surely argue that.

“It was my brother Russell’s favorite too,” she said of her late brother who had the original vision for the ice cream shop.

Stroud was a biology major and had different ideas of where her Campbell degree was going to take her.

“Sadly, I was not planning on opening this place. This was my brother’s dream, but he unexpectedly passed in June of 2020.”

While Kennedy wasn’t looking to follow her brother Russell into the family restaurant business, her desire to fulfill his dream has been a sweet success.

“I wasn’t totally lost and confused, I have family who know the restaurant business and can support me.”

Much of her story as to learning to be a business owner she attributes to the lessons she learned while attending Campbell and participating in the Call Team with the Office of Annual Giving. Speaking with people and making connections are two skills Kennedy said she has been able to carry into her creamery.

“Call Team taught me that everyone is their own person and has their own story. I also loved hearing their connection to Campbell. I spoke to a woman who was the wife of a man who had helped fund the biology department and I was a biology major, so it was cool for me to see that.”

Kennedy, who is a Campbell Kivett Loyalty Society member, says that she gives back every year because Campbell was such a core part of the time she spent growing and learning, and that seeing the support of her business is a driver in wanting to support others. The Kivett Loyalty Society recognizes donors who make a philanthropic gift on an annual basis.

While the summertime rush surpasses foot traffic during the off-season months, Kennedy said she is over-joyed with the local customer support year-round.  As the seasons change, Stroud experiments with flavors such as sweet potato casserole with marshmallows and this past winter will be whipped up sugar cookie, peppermint, and gingerbread flavors.

“And eggnog, definitely eggnog, which would be my favorite,” she said.

Check out the Beaufort Creamery at 400 Front Street, Beaufort, NC.

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