A Toolkit for Rural Non-Profits about Philanthropy

Wrenches hanging form a work table

The  Rural Health Information Hub is featuring a  new toolkit with seven modules that are designed to connect rural communities with philanthropies across the United States. Partnering with philanthropies can provide funding for community health programs.

The Rural Philanthropy Toolkit provides resources and strategies to prepare rural communities for collaborative initiatives. The modules include:

  1. Introduction- Overview and Definition of Philanthropy
  2. Emerging Practices- Preparing, Approaching, and Establishing Partnerships
  3. Program Clearinghouse- Success Stories
  4. Implementation- Considerations to Guide Organizations
  5. Evaluation- Questions, Collaborations, and Stockholders
  6. Sustainability- How to Maintain Relationships
  7. Dissemination-Increase Awareness and Share Information
View the Rural Philanthropy Toolkit