An Advent Challenge…to Listen

Thomas Merton penned these words, “My life is a listening. His is a speaking. My salvation is to hear and respond.” Any season of the year seems appropriate for these words of calling, but perhaps Advent even more so, when we eagerly wait and anticipate the birth of a savior.

When it comes to Merton’s mention of salvation, I am reminded of a frequent them I discuss with students in my Introduction to Christianity class. Jesus described a Kingdom as being here, but not fully realized yet. Which leads to this question, to what are we being “saved for,” as opposed to the often focused upon “saved from?”

We have been called to a life of faithful following, seeking to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God. That starts with us listening, because God is speaking. God is speaking through the scriptures, nature, our relationships, music, media and even a still small voice. Are we hearing God all around us each day?

How is God inviting you into God’s redemptive plan for the world? How will or does your vocation contribute to that plan? If you do not know, take a few minutes in the quiet of Advent to listen and anticipate the voice of a Savior’s invitation to make your work and life meaningful and impactful.