Alumna celebrates 1 year as graduate by sharing poem

Samantha Sakyi-Nyante graduated in May 2022 with a Bachelor’s of Information Technology & Security in Info. During her time at Campbell University, Samantha developed a reputation as a skilled poem. To commemorate one year of her graduation and to celebrate 2023 graduates, Samantha shared with the Alumni Association an original poem.

A Place Called Campbell
By Samantha Sakyi-Nyante

How is it that
I close my eyes, yet see
The memories placed in me
The friendships crafted with care

Such value cannot be compared

In times of doubt
I dared to smile
To share my heart
And stretch out wide

To take hold
Of the beautiful gospel
The Lord shared with me that day
When I walked across the stage

I so to turned a page,
To the author who gave me direction
And provided me protection

I’m reminded of the few
Who pushed me till I grew
Who guided me in my stay
Not allowing me to dismay

I’m reminded of the many
Who were so kind
And gave me
An encouraging word

To walk, and
Use my voice to talk
I tapped in from within
And let go of the wind

That blew so hard
And spun
My eyes up to the sun

I looked up to the sky
To see God’s glory shine
In new and wonderous ways
How ever shall I say

Thank you from the heart
In fellowship I took part
In laughter I also shared
In worship I so prepared

My heart to serve my King
And let His glory sing
At this place that we call Campbell
Where sunsets are not the same

Where Wednesdays are truly made
For those who have in them a fight
And are willing to give their might
Willing to go the distance

Willing to make a decision
To give and yet receive
An education that exceeds
A degree from no ordinary paper

With a name
Filled with favor

As a freshman
I had to believe
As a senior
I decided to agree

That orange and black
Are not just décor
That every effort
Was something more

As I look at the horizon
Of tiny Buies Creek
I see much more than tiny
I see God’s glory shining

When leaving Leslie Campbell
A new and fresh alum
I knew not all the whole
But know this is just some

Of my gratitude for my school
To my beloved alma mater
I give you these words to cherish

I give back because
You cared for me
And so many times
Were there for me

I wrote this from the heart
But this just the start
Of so much more to share
I give because I care