Alumni connected at Welcome to the City

On August 4, the Campbell University Alumni Association hosted Welcome to the City, a regional event that invited local alumni to gather and network with alumni in their area. Events were held in Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Wilmington and Richmond.

Welcome to the City marked one of the first in-person regional alumni events since 2020, and Jessie Bee’s (’19) first regional event as an alumnus. “Being new in Richmond, it was great to connect with other alumni in my new home. I got to hear great restaurant recommendations and bond over shared experiences. I can’t wait to keep attending local events and connecting with fellow alumni.”

Each event was hosted by local alumni volunteers and Campbell staff members. Alumni volunteers represented their Alumni Regional Network, which allow the Campbell community to thrive all over the nation. To find a network near you, visit

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Welcome to the City digital guides

With the help of Campbell alumni across the state, we curated regional guides based on recommendations from local alumni. Keep a look out for the hyperlinked suggestions; these are Orange Owned businesses, which means they are owned by Campbell alumni.

Charlotte Wilmington Central VA Central NC

The office of Alumni Engagement hopes to continue to engage with alumni at future fall events, such as football tailgates and Homecoming weekend. To see a full list of upcoming events, visit our calendar.