Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Jay Brown, ’08 PharmD

Jay BrownDr. Jay Brown completed pharmacy practice and hematology/oncology residencies at Wake Forest Baptist Health.

He has served as the clinical pharmacist of Wake Forest Baptist Health’s Comprehensive Cancer Center and oncology director of pharmacy at Novant Health.

During the past four years, Dr. Brown has overseen the growth, expansion and URAC accreditation of two health-system specialty pharmacy units as well as the development of uniform pharmacy services in hospital-based infusion centers.

He was recently promoted to the role of Senior Director of Outpatient Pharmacy at Novant Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

How did Campbell prepare you for your career?

“My training at Campbell helped me understand the ‘big picture’ of healthcare. I was consistently challenged to consider the ‘why’ behind my answers and consider the impact of my recommendations on not just the immediate moment, but the long-term future.”

What lessons continue to resonate with you?

“As I embarked on my journey to become a pharmacist, I learned a lot of things about myself. I learned that becoming a professional was hard work. I learned that when I was surrounded by the right environment, I could achieve things that I did not consider possible. Most importantly, I learned that with stellar training, excellent mentorship and a positive attitude, I could truly make a difference in the lives of patients.”