Alumni Volunteer Spotlight: Beverley Howard

Photo of Beverley Howard in Ireland.

Beverley Howard (’89 MEd) is one of the alumni volunteers who makes possible the Office of Alumni Engagement’s mission to connect alumni and students while encouraging an attitude of lifelong learning, service, and generosity. From new student activities to alumni social gatherings and international travel opportunities, Howard can often be found at the center of the newest alumni initiatives. 

Howard spent many of her adult years in Harnett County, but decided to take the leap and move to Buies Creek in 2011. Her husband, Barry Howard (’69), well-known as the Campbell men’s soccer coach for more than a decade, passed away in 2008. The move allowed Howard to be nearer to her church, located in Buies Creek, but also allowed her to enjoy more campus activities. “To keep myself busy, I go to events hosted by Campbell’s fine arts department, the library, basketball games, soccer games,” Howard said. “I’m going to be nearby anyway, why not be more involved?” 

That general campus involvement soon led to involvement with the Office of Alumni Engagement. Howard is a member of the Alumni Board of Directors and the Harnett County regional alumni chapter, where she helps to coordinate events that her fellow alumni will enjoy. This year, the Alumni Board of Director reached 100% giving rate for the second year in a row with the support of members like Beverley. 

“I think it’s important that all board members give, just to set the example that we all need to give back something of what we have gotten at Campbell. Personally, I give because I believe in Campbell’s mission,” Howard said. 

That idea of service and giving back to one’s community has been present throughout Howard’s life. “Volunteering is something that has always been important to me,” she said. “My parents raised me to volunteer. I was a candy striper in the hospital when I was 16. You get back more than you give. I don’t want to sit at home all the time, and I don’t think it’s healthy to do that.” 

That emphasis on service was apparent in her career path as well. “I graduated from Campbell with my Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling in 1989. For most of my career I was an elementary school counselor. I loved working with children. It was difficult at times – you hear all the sad stories, but I got to help a lot of people,” Howard said. For more than 35 years in the school system, she interacted with hundreds of elementary students. 

Now retired, Howard has been enjoying the freedom to volunteer, travel, and continue to expand her social circle with her fellow alumni. “I’ve made a lot of new friends,” she said. “I’ve enjoyed the chance to meet others with similar or different interests. They all have different stories of Campbell, which are fun to hear.” Howard has also participated in the Campbell Passport program, which allows alumni and friends of the university to engage in lifelong learning through travel. “I went on the fall tour to New England, and I’m still in touch with several of the people I met there. We’ve met up and done other activities together. We had a great time,” she said.

Now, Howard is an active member of the Harnett County regional alumni chapter, and she encourages others to seek out their local chapters to connect with alumni in their area. “Try it and see if it fits. There are lots of different opportunities. If you don’t like one event, try another. There are so many different events that you won’t know until you try it,” she said. 

This has been a season of trying new things for Howard – she has accompanied Campbell’s medical students on a mission trip to Guatemala in 2017, and currently works as a standardized patient for students in the health sciences to practice diagnosing. “These are great teaching tools,” she said. “I think alumni need to see that they can get involved with things like this.”

Howard has lived by the phrase, “Try it,” over the last decade, leading her to New England, to Guatemala, and to new friends in her community. Interested in pursuing involvement with your fellow alumni? Keep up with our calendar of events and recent news to continue your Campbell story.