Ashley Nordan did a full circle from PA student to PA faculty

Name: Ashley Nordan
Degrees & Graduation Years:  ’13 MPAP ’13 and ’13 MSCR
Current Job Title: Assistant Professor, Physician Assistant Practice
Previous Practice Site: Johnston County Health Department

Brief Job Description
During my time practicing at the Johnston County Health Department, I rotated through the Adult Primary Care, Women’s Health, and Child Health clinics. I was also consulted on cases in the Epidemiology clinic. My patients were largely under/uninsured and Spanish speaking.

How did CPHS impact you as a person?
CPHS provided me with a lot of opportunities to exceed as a student and training health care professional. It instilled in me a strong sense of community and loyalty. I left the MPAP and MSCR programs feeling well equipped to serve not only my patients, but my community as a whole.

How do you use skills you learned from CPHS to get your current job?
Interestingly enough, I did a clinical rotation as a PA student at JCHD and I am 100% certain that played a big role in being offered the position. I’m also certain that is was the outstanding training I received from Campbell PA faculty during my didactic year that showed during my rotation in my favor.

Favorite CPHS memory?
I’m not sure that I can narrow it down to just one memory. I honestly enjoyed my entire time at Campbell as a student…so much so that I came back as faculty! One thing I can speak to are the friends that were made during my time here at Campbell that have since become family. I love that I am still so close with most of my classmates and now get to be somewhat of a liaison between alumni and the PA program. It has been particularly rewarding to see Campbell PA alumni come back and excel as lecturers and preceptors to current students. As a charter class member of the Campbell PA program, It has been very rewarding to have come “full circle”.

What advice do you have to incoming first year CPHS professional students?
Soak it all in. Take advantage of every opportunity that is presented. It’s easy to get bogged down in the academic aspect of higher education, but don’t forget those extras that were the reason you came to Campbell in the first place. I stand in awe on a daily basis in how much CPHS has grown since my time as a student. From the addition of the beautiful health sciences campus to the multiple new health professional programs that and especially the focus on interprofessional education. As a practicing clinician, I cannot stress enough how important it is to really get to know about and work with individuals from other health professions. Being able to do so here at Campbell is a unique privilege.

Most impactful CPHS faculty/staff member/preceptor?
All of the faculty, staff and preceptors that I worked with during my time as a student played an important role in my education. I consider my self lucky to now be working aside them to shape current and future Campbell students.

What are your research interests?
Currently, I am working in collaboration with Laura Gerstner, PA faculty, on a preceptor development project. Our aim is to improve clinical preceptor preparedness and confidence in effectively precepting our 2nd year PA students.

What have you gained from working at Campbell?
Though I don’t feel like I really ever left Campbell, coming back has definitely restored my passion for my career as a Physician Assistant. In the current overburdened state of our healthcare system, the demands and stresses on healthcare providers has become insurmountable. Being surrounded by PA educators and budding new PA’s has given me a daily reminder of why I wanted to be a PA in the first place and has restored my enthusiasm for both the profession and caring for others.

What are the accomplishments, passions, and experiences that you bring to the Campbell family?
As I am not really new Campbell family, I bring a love of Campbell and all of my past experiences as a Campbell student, guest lecturer and clinical preceptor for the Campbell PA program. Growing up somewhat locally, I also bring a love of rural living and understanding of the importance of community.