BSN student, Yazmin Hanid Padilla, hopes to return to Campbell after graduation to mentor and encourage students to always pursue their dreams

“I am so humbled that that I am here today working with amazing peers and faculty toward the common goal of giving patient-centered care.”

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Student: Yazmin Hanid Padilla

Program: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Anticipated graduation: 2024

Where are you currently employed? A travel agency

Tell us a little about how amazing your current position is and what you do. How are you making a positive impact? I have been working as a travel CNA/Phlebotomist for almost four years now. Being able to work in various healthcare environments has nurtured my love and passion for nursing. CPHS has given me an immense amount of support to encourage my drive in my program to reach patients in each area I can. Learning things within my program has helped me become a better asset to my healthcare team. My patients are the reason I have chosen to continue my nursing education to become a Registered Nurse.

Why did you choose CPHS and what benefits do you believe you are gaining/have gained from attending Campbell? I like to think that Campbell and CPHS chose me! I never had any intention to attend a four-year college until Campbell reached out. After receiving my acceptance letter, I promised myself that Campbell’s consideration and decision will not go to waste. Being at Campbell has helped me gain confidence in the workplace as well as friends and faculty that I will never forget.

Please summarize your personal, business, and academic journey: Growing up in a low-income household, my aspirations were limited. As my mother struggled working 2+ jobs to support me and my siblings, there was more concern for what I could do for her rather than myself. As I went through school, I had friends and classmates express their wants to attend college and the careers they hoped to obtain. It sounded like a dream to be able to attend a college and earn a degree with my name on it. Given my financial situation, I started out the non-traditional way and obtained my two-year degree from a community college. A lot of my personal desires were put on hold when I finally walked across the stage for my associate’s degree, but I still craved something more. That’s when Campbell reached out, and I am so humbled that that I am here today working with amazing peers and faculty toward the common goal of giving patient-centered care.

At Campbell we believe in purposeful lives and meaningful service. What legacy are you leaving/do you hope to leave? After completing my BSN, I hope to come back and lend a hand in some way to the students who come after me-to give resources and testimonies that will hopefully encourage and promote others to stick with it even when the easiest thing is to give up. Perhaps I will be able to pick up a position as a clinical instructor or help with skills in the lab. I want to serve the University and its students how it has served me. I try to live my life by a simple but meaningful quote: “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein

Reasons why prospective students should choose Campbell over other Graduate and Professional Schools: Campbell has an atmosphere like no other, especially within its BSN program. We all come from different backgrounds and skill levels. Even with this undeniable diversity, we are still a team that encourages one another and act as lifelines. Other universities make their programs feel like a fight to the end, which is NOT at all what the field is about. Everywhere in the healthcare field, regardless of environment, you see people working in teams. Campbell brings me a sense of belonging.

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