Campbell experiences made possible by you | Halle Reese 

Halle 2020

Meet Halle Reese, a Campbell graduate who is in her second year of the master of science in public health program. Halle has used the hands-on experiences at Campbell in and out of the classroom to lead her towards a career in medicine. Her experience has been made possible by the countless donors who support Campbell students’ education. 

Halle’s Campbell story: 

I chose Campbell because it immediately felt like home when I toured the campus. I thought the campus was perfect and every inch that I toured felt like home. It also helped that my mom enjoyed seeing the bright orange emergency poles. Her support for the security of the campus was another plus that helped me solidify Campbell was where I wanted to attend for higher education.  

My favorite part about my Campbell experience is all the opportunities I have access to. I have been a member and leader of multiple clubs, traveled with the school, and gained access to healthcare professionals which is super important to me as a health professional student. Every year has been a great resume booster! 

Hands-on public health experiences: 

I originally started doing contact tracing for class credit, but it spiraled into me wanting to learn more about contact tracing, so I have read multiple peer-reviewed articles and regularly talk with associates about their involvement with contact tracing and case investigation for Harnett County. It felt fulfilling to be able to contact students to deliver the news about their results and start the paper trail about their whereabouts and contacts. As a public health student, I felt like this was an interesting virtual and modern way to have field experience during COVID-19.  

Contact tracing helped me become more comfortable talking with others about hard and emotional topics which was useful when I helped with Operation Safe Return. I administered the rapid test and delivered results. My public health background and contract tracing background helped me to feel comfortable answering the patient’s questions alongside the physician and when it was solely me and a student. I felt like I could see a bigger picture having a public health background and serving in a medical environment which provided boosted my confidence. 

Experiences made possible by donor support: 

Receiving scholarships has been very important for my Campbell experience. As an undergraduate student, I was the recipient of the Scott-Ellis Scholarship as well as a few endowed scholarships. My scholarships helped me stay on campus and relieve the financial burden on my family that comes with higher education. Later as a graduate student, I received an endowed scholarship for a study abroad trip to Ghana with my Public Health Program. It was the last $500 I needed to pay off my trip and it came at the perfect time. I felt so honored to receive another scholarship from Campbell.  

After graduation, I plan to apply to medical school. It has been my dream since a child to be a physician and the few clinical experiences I have had just feel right to me. I am so grateful I got to gain clinical experience with Operation Safe Return. Being surrounded by healthcare professionals and current medical students just made me more excited to take the next step in my professional career. I am proud to be earning my degree as a public health student and cannot wait to add a doctor title to my name as well. 

Being a student at Campbell has helped me feel prepared to be a lifelong public servant and lead with purpose with every step I take as a healthcare professional and community leader. 

You, our donors, make Campbell experiences like Halle’s possible. 

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