Campbell experiences made possible by you | Mairead Clark

Student in front of D. Rich

Mairead Clark, a sophomore pre-nursing major, understands and appreciates the impact donor support has on her Campbell experience.

Mairead’s Campbell story:

“I first heard about Campbell through my older sister who started going here when I was a freshman in high school. My sister had always been pretty quiet and every time she would come home for a break, she would tell me about how much she loved it and how much fun she was having. Seeing her thrive, I knew there had to be something special!

“When I toured Campbell during the beginning of my senior year, I fell in love immediately. Everyone was so friendly and it felt like I had visited many times before. The community is my favorite aspect of Campbell; everyone has a place and everyone truly matters. Being so far away from home, everyone helped make Campbell into a place where I feel appreciated and welcomed. Now, the Creek is my home away from home!”

Experiences made possible by donor support:

“Receiving scholarships was another reason I decided to come to Campbell. I have three older sisters who are either in college or starting families so I needed as much help as I could get. The scholarships made it possible for me to be here and I am thankful for my opportunity every day. They have lightened the financial burden and I don’t have to worry about not graduating and living out my dream.

“After graduation, I plan to become a nurse and move back to Boston to work at Boston Children’s hospital. Using the skills and knowledge I gained from my time at Campbell, I plan to lead with purpose and bring my love for Campbell and my pride of our school up North.

“I know I will do everything I can to give back to Campbell because Campbell gave everything to me. I would not be here if it wasn’t for our donors and I can’t wait to help someone’s dreams come true in the future!”

You, our donors, make Campbell experiences like Mairead’s possible.

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