Campbell launches Philanthropy Week (April 8-12)

This year, the week of April 8-12 is serving as the inaugural Philanthropy Week at Campbell University.

Philanthropy Week focuses on the spirit of giving and recognizing the many who have contributed to the university, making the Campbell experience possible for its students.

  • On Monday, students can be seen around campus hanging bright orange gift tags in anticipation of Wednesday’s Thank-A-Giver Day (TAG Day) – the flagship event of the week.
  • On Tuesday, the university will be sharing stories about those who have made exceptionally generous impacts at Campbell.
  • Wednesday is TAG Day, which offers students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to thank those who make the Campbell experience special. The TAGs, placed on and within various buildings and spots on campus, serve as a visual representation of donor generosity.
  • On Thursday, graduating seniors can pick up their Philanthropy Cords at the Philanthropy Lab located inside the Cornelia Campbell Alumni House. Graduation cords are provided to students who showed their commitment to giving back by making a gift of $20.24 to Campbell, in honor of their graduation year.
  • Friday is the final day in which students can submit a video explaining how philanthropy has positively impacted their time at Campbell. The creator of the “best” video receives a $1,000 scholarship.
    Also on Friday, employees who have given to the university as part of the annual Employee Giving Campaign will be treated to a luncheon.

Sarah Swain, Associate Vice President – Alumni Engagement, said Philanthropy Week was launched as an extension of TAG Day, after seeing its positive impact throughout its existence.

“Campbell alumni, employees, and friends are what move our institution forward and we couldn’t create the Campbell experience without them,” Swain said. “Our vision with Philanthropy Week is to share our gratitude with our donors and to raise awareness with the current student body. Each and every gift, no matter the size, has a lasting and transformational impact.”

Robin Gordon, Director of Annual Giving, said she envisions Philanthropy Week will further cultivate the culture of philanthropy at the university.

“Recognizing that giving back is not merely an option but a responsibility, we are working to instill in our students the ethos of generosity and service from day one,” Gordon said.

She added that she’s been inspired by the student response to TAG Day throughout the years.

“Thank A Giver Day serves as a reminder of the transformative power of philanthropy. Witnessing our students’ response to this initiative and other philanthropic programming is nothing short of inspiring. Their enthusiasm, gratitude, and eagerness to pay it forward embodies the spirit of compassion and altruism that defines our university mission,” Gordon said.

“Through fostering a culture where giving is celebrated and embraced, we empower our students to become catalysts for positive change, both within our campus and beyond.”

To learn more about philanthropy at Campbell or to make your impact, go to