Campbell Law 45th Anniversary Alumni Spotlight: Alexia Dominguez ’19

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Alexia Dominguez is a 2019 graduate of Campbell University School of Law. She is a founder and partner of Smith Dominguez Law PLLC along with Ayeshinaye Smith ’19. Her practice focuses on advising entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profits on how to best achieve their goals. She provides counsel on multiple areas of business law transactions and outside general counsel services to business at all stages, from business formation to dissolution. 

Dominguez earned her Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Anthropology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2016. During her time at Campbell Law, Dominguez served as vice president of Women in Law, Project Co-Coordinator for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Pro-Bono Project, Pro-Bono Council member; and participated in the Blanchard Community Law Clinic and study abroad program in Cambridge, UK. 

Nominee: Alexia Dominguez, Class of 2019

Q: You are a founding member of Smith Dominguez, PLLC. What inspired you to start your own law firm? What advice do you have for law students interested in opening their own law firm? 

A: My partner Ayeshinaye Smith, who was also selected as one of the 45 nominees this year, spoke to me about opening up her own firm when we first met in law school. At the time, I was unsure of what I wanted to practice and in what setting, but over time I came to see the value, flexibility and freedom that comes with running your own firm and working for yourself. Opening up our firm allows me the opportunity to create and live a life that I’m proud of and happy with because it allows me to work on cases and projects that I enjoy every day while still allowing me to spend time with family, and allows me to travel and pursue other passions. Being an entrepreneur has been a life-changing experience but I am grateful because it allows me to better serve and understand my entrepreneurial clients. If you want to open your own firm, my advice would be to come up with a plan early, take classes and opportunities that will allow you to gain the skills you will need in your chosen practice areas, and also make the time to learn about managing a business. 

Q: You currently practice real estate, business law, trademark, and copyright law. What drew you to those areas? Did you take similar electives while at Campbell?  

A: Right now my practice is focused on real estate transactions and business law (which includes trademarks.) I was drawn to these areas mostly because of their transactional nature, but also because in both of these areas, I get to be a part of something positively transformative in the lives of an individual, family, or business.  While I was at Campbell, I did take classes that would help me develop a transactional practice.  I took Copyright Law (which I highly recommend), Real Estate Transactions and Finance, and Contract Planning among others. 

Q: How did Campbell Law prepare you for your career?

A:  The clinics at Campbell really prepared me for practice because they allowed me to work on cases and with clients while still in law school. For me, this is where everything we had been learning about in class really came to life and I got to see and experience first-hand, what it meant to advocate for someone else in the legal field. Professor Ashley Campbell from the Community law clinic is amazing and both Ayeshinaye and I credit her with teaching us a lot about running a firm and practicing in general. 

Q: Share a memory or experience that has had a lasting impact on your career.

A: My first real estate closing was a very special experience for me. It was something that I had been working towards and visualizing for a long time and to finally have it happen meant the world to me. Being allowed to handle real estate transactions (by lenders, title insurance companies, etc.) as a newer attorney took a lot of persistence and determination on our part and it took an amazing individual at title insurance company that took a chance  for me to finally be able to start doing closings. I am so thankful to her and for the opportunity. This experience has led me to treasure each closing I get to handle like a gift. It’s also a reminder to me that one individual can definitely have a great impact and propels me to reach back and help others who are in similar situations when I can.

Q: What does Campbell University’s motto “leading with purpose” mean to you? 

A: For me, “leading with purpose” means that you are walking through life with a vision towards what you want to accomplish and with a focus on serving others.

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