Campbell Law advocates compete at Tulane Pro Basketball Negotiation Competition

Photo of Campbell Law advocates and coach at Tulane Law

Six Campbell Law School advocates — Andrew Evans ’25, Brian Walsh ’24, Cole Francis ’24, Jake Blum ’24, Kevin Sebastian ’24 and Catherine Morgan ’25 — represented the law school at the Tulane School of Law Professional Basketball Negotiation Competition from Feb. 21-24, 2024.

“For four of the past six years, I’ve had the joy of coaching a dozen students to compete in the Tulane School of Law Pro Basketball Negotiation Competition, which focuses on a unique component of sports: negotiating player contracts,” said Coach Evin L. Grant ’16, former Assistant Dean of Student Life and Pro Bono Opportunities. “The students are tested on their negotiation strategy, knowledge of the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the quality of the agreed-upon deal and basketball knowledge;  judged by industry experts including agents, data analysis and NBA team strategists and scouts.”

Grant continued, “This year, 2024, I coached what will be my last Tulane Competition team. These six students, Andrew, Brian, Cole, Jake, Kevin and Catherine, excelled in their preparation and strategy. Of the 40-plus teams to compete, our two teams showed excellent negotiation tactics, basketball knowledge, and understanding of the CBA; despite not being one of the three teams to advance to the final round.

“Although my time coaching this team comes to a bittersweet end, the performance of these students is all I need to know Campbell continues to produce amazing lawyers, who will continue to lead in the profession in N.C. and beyond.”

Director of Competitive Advocacy Mary Ann Matney ’17 added, “While I’m saddened to hear that Coach Grant will no longer be coaching, I’m excited that we have such a robust group of students interested in Sports Law. The Competitive Advocacy Program is committed to continuing to provide opportunities for our students to participate in advocacy opportunities that not only spark their interest but help them grow into stronger advocates for their future clients. Congratulations to both teams for representing Campbell Law so well in Louisianna.”