Campbell Law security chief awarded Leader of the Quarter

Photo of Richard Simmons posing in front of the law school entrance

Campbell Law School’s Head of Security Richard Simmons has been awarded the title of Flagship Leader of the Quarter by Admiral Security Services. Simmons was specifically awarded for his outstanding service between the months of April and June 2020.

In addition to Admiral Security’s notice of Simmons’ premier performance, Campbell Law Building Manager Jim Ranieri said, “During events in our city in late May into early June, Richard jumped into action by providing us with 24/7 security coverage. This award is well deserved.” 

Though Simmons has been working on the Raleigh Campus for less than a year, he has been working with Admiral Security — a nationwide professional security service provider — for the past five, starting as a Sergeant and advancing to Lieutenant then Captain. Simmons has been enjoying his time with Admiral, saying, “Admiral Security has afforded me the opportunity to meet and network with many diverse personalities, some that have influenced my overall view of life, and some that I have been able to influence in a positive manner.” 

Admiral Division Vice President Joe Maslanka sent his congratulations to Simmons writing, “We applaud you in your ability to embrace our philosophy of serving leadership…one of the most important attributes.” Maslanka’s sentiments are echoed by Ranieri, who added, “Richard has brought a strong work ethic, great people skills and a calming presence to our campus.”

Being recognized as Flagship Leader of the Quarter means Simmons is a nominee for Flagship Leader of the Year. While appreciative of the honor, Simmons added, “I don’t do what I do for awards and accolades. I do what I do simply because I care about the safety and well being of others.”

Simmons says he tries to demonstrate strong leadership both on and off the clock, by mentoring young men in his community. “My goal is to successfully transition them from adolescence to manhood, with the knowledge to conquer any endeavor that they may desire,” he explained.

What does the University’s motto “Leading with Purpose” mean to Simmons? “I believe that in order to be a good leader you must be a good listener in order to understand those that follow you,” he said. “If you listen well enough, you will then understand how to equip your followers with the proper training to transform them into a better leader than yourself.”



Christina Grube

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