Campbell Law partners with Catholic Charities of Raleigh to host Naturalization Clinic

Photo of Campbell Law students working in naturalization clinic with a client

While many students used the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday to catch up on homework or sleep, students involved in Campbell Law School’s Pro Bono Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project (IRRP) partnered with Catholic Charities of Raleigh to host a Community Naturalization Clinic on Monday, Jan. 15.

IRRP Program Manager Kelly Chauvin ‘24 explained that at this free, structured clinic, 13 law students were paired with approximately 16 members of the community to assist them in filling out their naturalization paperwork.

The students were supervised by the gracious attorneys at Catholic Charities, who also reviewed the applications before the clients were released from the clinic, Chauvin added.

“The students were able to analyze and review complex issues including disability waivers, fee exemptions, marital complications, travel regulations and the implications of criminal histories in assisting over a dozen community members,” she said.

Photo of law students working with clients in naturalization clinicPhoto of law students working with clients in naturalization clinic

Students also had the opportunity to follow the client they assisted throughout their processing and receive legal feedback from the attorneys and representatives.

“Campbell Law IRRP thanks Catholic Charities, who has been a long-term partner of Campbell Law in creating intern/extern placements and supporting Pro-Bono Student initiatives,” Chauvin added.

The Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project (IRRP) allows students the opportunity to work with local immigrant and refugee assistance programs to foster a better understanding of laws and regulations impacting immigrants and refugees.

To learn more about Campbell Law’s student-led Pro Bono Projects, visit this link.



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