Campbell Law Reporter Episode 13: NCDHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen on leadership, health law

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Campbell Law School students posted a new full-length episode of the inaugural Campbell Law Reporter (CLR) Podcast on Wednesday,  April 1. But this is no April Fool’s joke! CLR is a legal podcast that strives to expand the university’s mission to lead with purpose by reporting with purpose.

In this episode of the Campbell Law Reporter, Editor Hunter Koehl ’20 sits down with North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Mandy Cohen to discuss a variety of topics surrounding leadership, career success and also health law.

Hunter challenges Secretary Cohen to dive deeper into five leadership principles that allow her to successfully lead a coalition of more than 18,000 employees: (1) Authenticity (2) Values (3) Vision (4) build a coalition and (5) operational execution.

Listeners interested in finding out more about Secretary Cohen can visit her profile on NCDHHS at this link:

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