Campbell Law Spotlight: Asia Lowe ’23

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Asia Lowe ’23 is a current third-year Campbell Law School student, who plans to graduate in December 2023 and sit for the February 2024 bar exam.

Lowe is currently interning at the North Carolina Court of Appeals for Judge Julee Flood, who she aids in legal research and writing, cites and checks documents and reviews cases before oral arguments. After graduating from law school, she hopes to practice appellate law in North Carolina. She will be open to post-graduate work in March 2024.

During her time in law school, Lowe developed a passion for legal research and writing. She has served as an in-class Criminal Law Teaching Scholar and she worked as a legal compliance intern for the Local Government Federal Credit Union. Her time as a member of a Moot Court team helped develop  her legal writing and oral advocacy skills. Her professors put her oral communication skills to the test via the Socratic method. She had to ask questions, offer answer and learn to get comfortable with “it depends,” she said in a 3L student profile posted by Kayla Britt ’13 on LinkedIn. Lowe said she has learned “that almost every rule has an exception, the black-letter law comes to life when you understand the policy and that statutory interpretation is a form of art, especially if the beholder is a justice.”

She added, “My only exposure to the law as a child was through the criminal justice system. I studied criminal justice in college, further narrowing my view of the American legal system. Law school was the first time I understood how much the law impacts our everyday lives. From federal regulations, consumer protection, real-estate and even the software I used to type this article. The law touches everything. This discovery opened my eyes and overwhelmed me with options.” The lessons Lowe has learned at Campbell Law have prepared her to be the future attorney she could have never dreamed of, she explained. “And while I may never practice criminal law, 5-year-old Asia would be very proud.” Following are just some of the topics Lowe has researched and/or briefed while attending Campbell Law:

  • “Whether The Americans with Disabilities Act Applies to Online Stores Such That They Are Places of Public Accommodation,”
  • “Whether McDonald’s Violated Antitrust Law When It Had Each Franchise Location Agree Not to Solicite Employees from Other Franchise Locations. To What Extent Does It Matter That McDonald’s Cooperate-Operated Locations Competed with Franchise Locations?.”
  • “To What Extent Can Trademark Law Be Used to Protect Previous Copyrights That Have Entered the Public Domain? How Do We Prevent Trademark Law from Being Used to Extend Expired Copyright Protection?,”
  • “Human Trafficking: What Constitutes Force, Fraud, And or Coercion?,”
  • “A Christian Perspective: Settling Disputes Between the Good Faith Purchaser of Stolen Property and The Original Owner,”
  • “Whether the First Amendment Protects a Dog Toy Company from Trademark infringement claims. To what extent should we analyze trademark infringement differently when the objective is humor?”


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