Campbell Law Spotlight: Grayson Owens ’23

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Campbell Law’s Grayson Owens ‘23 has always gravitated toward corporate law and transactional work, tailoring his law school experience to prepare him to practice in a business law setting. His preparation paid off, as Owens recently began his career as the first Campbell Law alumnus to join the expanding Kaufman and Canoles‘ Raleigh office.

Owens said he feels like he built an impressive resume while in law school, but a few experiences stood out to him as critical in shaping his professional journey. First was his involvement with Campbell Law’s American Bar Association (ABA) Negotiations Team.  Being part of the team refined his ability to negotiate effectively with opposing counsel, a skill critical to success as a transactional attorney, Owens explained.

His work with the Innovate Capital Business Law Clinic was also formative. Owens says learning how to speak with a client and problem solve in real-time, as well as identify and consider future concerns of the newly formed companies such as their exit plan and entity conversion, were key skills his business law clinic experience helped him develop. He advises any student interested in transactional work to consider working for a semester in the business law clinic.

Finally, Owens said his internship with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions provided him the practical experience that set the stage for his current position. The internship with Toshiba sparked his interest in data privacy, leading him to take the course at Campbell Law. This eventually led to his current position at Kaufman & Canoles, where his practice includes intellectual property, data privacy, commercial banking and some white collar criminal defense.

Kaufman and Canoles, a leading business law firm for more than 100 years in Virginia, recently opened a Raleigh office and is eager to continue its growth, both in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina, according to its website. In total, the firm has more 100 attorneys in two states and serves international, national and regional clients in various areas of concentration, including commercial and banking law; business investments; acquisitions and joints; government contracts, data privacy and cybersecurity; and more.

Owens said Kaufman and Canoles provides a big firm feel with a small firm culture and dedicates its resources to best serve its clients. The firm is also very invested in being part of the local community, pouring resources into service opportunities to make a direct and positive impact where its members live and work.

Owens and some of the other attorneys in the Raleigh office say they are looking forward to meeting students interested in business law at the Campbell Law Career Center’s Career Night on Nov. 9 at the CAM in Downtown Raleigh.


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