Campbell Law Spotlight: Jacob Stewart ’23

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Jacob Stewart is an accomplished 2023 graduate of Campbell Law School. While at Campbell Law, Stewart was on Law Review and served as a Legal Writing Scholar. He graduated cum laude in May. interned for Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC), the North Carolina Court of Appeals, McAngus Goudelock & Courie LLC and the North Carolina Business Court. Prior to attending law school, Stewart worked as an accountant.

Q: What work experience was particularly meaningful to you and why?

A: My experience at the North Carolina Court of Appeals was most meaningful to me for two reasons. First, I met some truly incredible people. I worked for Judge Jeff Carpenter ’03, and one of his former clerks, now Judge Julee Flood. They are both great public officials and great friends. Second, I learned practical legal skills. Judge Flood is both a talented writer and teacher, and she taught me countless writing skills. Judge Carpenter has a wealth of experience, as a former state trooper, trial lawyer and trial-court judge, and he taught me how to always think strategically.

Q: What influenced your decision to apply for that position or intern/extern there?

A: One of my post-graduation goals was to clerk, so I thought interning for a judge would be an awesome opportunity.

Q: What is your proudest moment from that role?

A: My proudest moment was getting an offer to clerk for Judge Carpenter after graduation.

Q: How did that role influence your future career as an attorney?

A: That role led to my first legal job, and it allowed me to see how successful lawyers operate.

Q: What advice would you give a student who wants to pursue a career in litigation?

A: If you want to pursue a career in litigation, I highly recommend interning for a judge. You’ll see first-hand what good lawyering looks like and learn practical skills along the way.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

A: I’ll be clerking for Judge Carpenter for one year on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. From there, I’ll move to the federal system to clerk for Chief Judge Martin Reidinger in the Western District of North Carolina. After that, I plan to stay in North Carolina, preferably Raleigh, and work in civil litigation.


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