Campbell Law Spotlight: Jason White ’24

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Jason White ’24 is a rising third-year student at Campbell Law School, where he is involved in Moot Court and the Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA).  While in law school, he has been a research assistant for Professor Bobbi Jo Boyd and this fall will be a teaching scholar for her  Criminal Law first-year course. White is interested in practicing criminal law. This summer, White has been externing for the District 2 District Attorney’s Office in Washington, North Carolina. Q: What tasks are you assigned as an extern for the District 2 District Attorney’s Office?A: I started out observing ADAs in District Court and Superior Court across the district.  I am certified under the student practice rule, so I have started calling the calendar, handling probation matters, conducted bond hearings and conducted a trial in District Court.  I have also been handling pleas in both District and Superior Court.  Outside of court, I have been summarizing police reports, reviewing DWI footage and drafting indictments. Q: What interests you most about working for the District Attorney’s office?A: For me, the most exciting part about working in the DA’s office is the amount of time I can spend in the courtroom.  Except for about five days, I have spent every day of my externship in the courtroom handling cases.  I was, and still am, drawn to the DA’s office and prosecution to protect and serve the community. Q: How has your time at the District 2 District Attorney’s Office enhanced your legal knowledge and experience?A: I have always heard the saying that law school teaches you how to think like a lawyer but your first job teaches what the law actually is.  My time at the DA’s office has shown me how true that actually is.  Working in the DA’s office has taught me an immeasurable amount about motor vehicle law and various misdemeanors and felonies.  Through conducting my first trial and observing several more, I have also learned various jury selection and trial tactics. Q: What perspective has working for the District Attorney’s Office provided?A: My experience at the DA’s office has really shown me the value of a good memory and ability to multitask.  In the middle of court there are several attorneys competing for your attention and as the prosecutor you have to deal with the attorneys, keep the cases flowing efficiently and keep track of everything that has already happened in the courtroom.” 


Ashley Van Slyck '24 Writer

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