Campbell Law Spotlight: Madison Sholar ’24

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In May 2024, Madison Sholar will represent a significant milestone for not only herself but for Campbell Law School. When she crosses the graduation stage, it will represent the formal completion of her bachelor’s degree from Meredith College and her Juris Doctorate degree from Campbell Law in just six years through the 3+3 Program partnership between the two schools.

Sholar will be the law school’s first graduate of its innovative 3+3 Program, which is also offered through partnerships with Campbell University, Methodist University, William Peace University and Salem College. The partnership with Meredith College was initially announced in Spring 2018.

Since high school, Sholar says she knew she wanted to attend law school. Growing up, Sholar spent time with her grandmother watching the legal television drama “Judging Amy.” The show’s content helped motivate Sholar to pursue a legal career fighting injustice to help children. Sholar began at Meredith College as a political science major with a minor in criminology. While at Meredith, Sholar learned about Campbell Law’s 3+3 Program partnership, which allows students the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s degree and law degree at an accelerated pace.

Through the 3+3 Program, students combine certain bachelor degree requirements with Juris Doctorate requirements. Students complete their bachelor’s degree in four years, however, the last year of their bachelor’s degree is spent taking first-year classes at Campbell Law. The 1L courses transfer back to the student’s undergraduate school to provide the elective credits needed to earn their bachelor’s degree.

Sholar, who was eager to attend Campbell Law because of its prime location in the state’s capital and its reputation of making great lawyers, says she was ecstatic when she was accepted as the law school’s first 3+3 Program participant.

Since beginning her journey at Campbell Law, Scholar joined the Campbell Law Review and has worked in the Restorative Justice Clinic and the Blanchard Community Law Clinic. This past summer, she had the opportunity to intern with the Johnston County District Attorney’s Office. During her internship, Sholar rotated through the Johnston County District Court, Juvenile Cases, People’s Court and Superior Court. Sholar says her time with the Johnston County DA’s Office gave her outstanding practical experience, including opportunities to try two DUI cases with her 3L practice certificate. Sholar says she is grateful for the experience and the opportunities she has been provided by the 3+3 Program to accelerate her dream of becoming a lawyer.

Scholar notes there are numerous benefits to the program. “For those who want to attend law school, it saves time and allows you to start your career earlier while maintaining the benefits of finishing your degree with your class or peers and doing all the traditional undergraduate things,” she explained. “And there is an added financial benefit with cutting back one year of school.”

Other benefits include a built-in support system, Scholar adds. “While other 1L students were adapting to law school, I already had my support system at Meredith,” she said. “It helped decrease the stress of my 1L year because I had an established community of love and support in the area.”





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