Campbell Law student publishes first fantasy novel, ‘The Traitors Schemes’

Photo of Emily Almanza '23 holding her novel

Emily Almanza, a third-year Campbell Law School student, has authored and published a fantasy novel entitled, “The Traitors Schemes,” which is now available on Amazon.

“The Traitors Schemes” is the first of the Curoria Chronicles, and it follows the titular character, Liara, as she encounters fantastical creatures and political threats on her journey to freedom.

Almanza said she chose to blend traditional fantasy elements with political schemes in order to analyze the duality of morality within the law, and the complexities of this dual nature when viewed from the lens of a law student.

Almanza has always enjoyed writing, and she wanted to explore fiction writing after struggling in her first-year legal writing course. Almanza went on to win the “Best Brief,” award in the Old Kivett intramural competition in 2021, but her love for writing lay with fiction, and the ability to write for fun about something she was passionate about.

“The Traitors Schemes” has been in the works for approximately five years, and it was written with co-author Jasmine Nguyen, whom Almanza has known since high school. After overcoming personal medical issues, Almanza said she chose to channel her newfound energy and focus into her passion for writing.

Almanza intends to pursue a career in civil litigation after graduating. At Campbell Law she works with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) pro bono project, she is a peer mentor and she is the founder and president of the American Constitution Society (ACS). When she’s not at Campbell, Almanza enjoys spending time with her husband and three-year-old son.

The Amazon synopsis states:

“Eighteen-year-old Liara had never known a life outside of Bria Hall until she overheard a dark deal between her mother, the Princess of Rindria, and a witch. Fleeing to the neighboring nation of Tressidil, Liara seeks to live in peace and obscurity. Soon nobles from the Thestitiunian Empire demanded to see her. Liara is faced with a choice: will she abandon her old life but risk vagrancy until her mother captures her, or will she step back into the viper pit to make alliances with an enemy nation, witches and self-interested families? And with whatever choice she makes, will she actually ever truly find safety? Liara must navigate irascible traveling companions, determine what is truth and what is a lie and confront magical threats on her journey to freedom all while discovering what the actual cost of freedom may be.”

“The Traitors Schemes” is available starting at $19.99 at this link.


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