Campbell Legacy Spotlight: William “Sam” Godwin

William “Sam” Godwin has the rare distinction of being a Campbell University legacy student four times over. His grandfather, Hubert Allen Godwin (’55) graduated from Campbell back in the days when the school was a Junior College. Both his parents, Hubert Allen Godwin Jr. (’82) and Nancy Lankford Godwin (’04) attended Campbell, as did his brother, Robert Clinton Godwin (’16). Now, it’s time for Sam, a rising junior entering his second year at Campbell, to make his own path.

Growing up fifteen minutes away from the university, and following in the footsteps of three generations of Godwins, it would be easy for Sam, an economics pre-law major, to say that he already knew everything about Campbell before enrolling. “I was fairly familiar coming in and knew what I was getting in my educational experience here at Campbell,” he said. “That being said, Campbell has done a great job in continuing to surprise me and raises the bar time and time again.” Both Sam and his family realize that Campbell’s continued growth is presenting him with new opportunities, and he has taken advantage of those opportunities, including joining a fraternity and becoming part of the founding group of BB&T Business Fellows.

The Business Fellows Program is a four-year program that invites twenty incoming freshmen in the business school each year and provides them with networking opportunities, internships, specialized curriculum, and connections with local companies. Sam had the opportunity to join the inaugural class, where he will work in close proximity with 19 of his fellow business students until graduation.

Sam has plans to “attend law school and become a practicing corporate attorney in the state of North Carolina,” and he is preparing for his future career by throwing himself into his academics. “In the short time I’ve been here, I have forged lifelong relationships, become greatly involved in student life, and have enjoyed constantly pushing myself in academic rigor,” he said. “My time at Campbell is to prepare me for my next step in life, and perhaps be able, as did [my family], to lay the groundwork for future camels.”

“I have great pride in being a Campbell Legacy,” Sam said. “Nearly every time I walk the campus I find myself wondering how it might have been as three generations of Godwins have walked in the same shoes.”

His mother, Nancy, who earned her Masters in Education from Campbell and is now an elementary school teacher, said, “I knew at the time that Campbell was a special place and would always be connected to my family. With all the growth and new opportunities that Campbell has to offer, such as the new Business Fellows Program, I am proud to have another camel in the family.”

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