Campbell University Bands Announces Academic Accolades

Campbell University Wind Ensemble at the Hobson Performance Center Inaugural Gala

Its the end of the Fall semester and grades are in. Campbell Bands passed with flying colors. With a third of the band program making either the Dean’s List or the President’s List.

By the numbers:
*Total Academic Awards-46 students
*President’s List-18 students
*Dean’s List-28 students

Join us in congratulating these students for their hard work.

To make the President List a student must have a 3.9 semester GPA with no grade below a B. Must take twelve hours and have no more than one B. The students below achieved this honor for the Fall semester of 2019.

Barbra Barnes-Clarinet
Kalista Blake-Clarinet
Jeff Campbell-Trumpet
Natasha Core-Flute
Olivia Exum-Percussion
Tara Leggett-Alto Sax
Camden Little-Percussion
Sarah Mills-Clarinet
Jennie Morton-Clarinet
Molli Palombo-Clarinet
Kendall Poythress-Trumpet
Taylor Prall-Flute
Maddlyn Rice-Athletic Band Staff
Allison Robinson-Trumpet
Jamie Sandoval-Trumpet
Samantha Tobey-Flute
Jessica Wakeman-Clarinet
Peyton Wallace-Color Guard

Below are the students who made the Dean’s List. In order to make the Dean’s List a student must take twelve hours without making a grade below a C. The student can only have one C and must have a 3.5 semesterly GPA.

Zachary Bradsher-Percusion
Stephanie Bryant-Viola
Chloe Bumgardner-Clarinet
Brayden Coats-Tenor Sax
Alexandria Dail-Color Guard
Jason Dominguez-Trombone
Nate Evans-Trumpet
Jordan Gagnon-Flute
Kaitlyn Havican-Clarinet
Jessica Hildebrand-Trumpet
Sophie Huff-Flute
Tamera Hutchinson-Color Guard
Megan Jarrell-Flute
Abigail Kroner-Bass Clarinet/Clarinet
Julianna Lyktey-Oboe
Steven Mangus-Alto Sax
Noah McCreary-Percussion
David Nielson-Alto Sax
Hanna Onks-Cello
Noelle Pope-Clarinet
Matthew Przybl-Alto Sax
Diana Ramos-Color Guard
Jarrin Sacayanan-Trumpet
Lauren Sandlin-Euphonium
Kaitlyn Sellers-Percussion
Alexandra Shaw-Bass Clarinet/Clarinet
Austin Shoaf-Trumpet
Allyson Slater-Color Guard