#CampbellGivingDay: Emily Bratton (’15, ’15 MBA)

Sponsor of the Young Alumni Challenge

Campbell alumna, Emily Bratton (’15, ’15 MBA), is sponsoring the Young Alumni Challenge on #CampbellGivingDay on Wednesday, February 6.  What does this mean? If 250 gifts are received from young alumni, seniors, or students within one day, $25,000 will be unlocked for the Campbell Leads campaign!

So who is Emily Bratton and why does she give back to her alma mater? Learn more in our interview with her below:

Emily Bratton

Emily Bratton is from Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina – a small town about 100 miles north of Buies Creek on I-95. She graduated from Campbell in 2015 a bachelor’s degree in Trust and Wealth Management and a Master of Business Administration degree. She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee where she works at U.S. Trust as a trust officer.

What brought you to Campbell?
The size, community and specialized major in Trust and Wealth Management brought me to Campbell. Campbell was my top (and basically only) choice. I knew that I wanted to go to a school where I was known as “Emily Bratton” and not as student #999999. The Trust program was equally a driver – from connections to and conversations with current Trust students at that time, I immediately knew that Trust and Wealth Management was the career path for me.

What did you love about your Campbell experience?
I love Campbell because of the connections. Whether making small talk on a plane and finding Campbell as a commonality, or living in a city like Atlanta, Georgia and realizing there are over 600 fellow Campbell alumni in the metro area. Or moving to a new city and feeling comfortable reaching-out to a fellow Camel about parts of town, or working for a global company where you cross paths with fellow members of the “Trust Mafia” daily. When I think about why I love Campbell, I think of the value of the connections Campbell helped foster.

Why do you give to Campbell? What motivates you to give?
I give to Campbell because Campbell gave to me. When I think about my time at Campbell, I realize there were many people, both alive and deceased, that were a part of my educational experience: scholarship donors, professors, friends, classmates and coworkers. I also recognize that I would not be in my seat today, and at this place in my career, if it were not for Campbell and my Campbell connections. I hope that my gifts, both monetary and time, will serve to empower students the way that Campbell empowered me.

Why should others give to Campbell?
We all have many gifts – whether talents, finances, and/or time. A gift is simply a gesture of kindness – and people’s kindness will impact us through every phase of life. Someone’s gift impacted us all while we were at Campbell – buildings, technology, scholarships, volunteered time – and we each have the opportunity to pay that forward today.

CampbellGivingDay is a day driven by teamwork and social media where we ask members of the Campbell community (alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends) to give a gift to Campbell, share why they give on social media, and lead others to do so, all on a Wear-Orange Wednesday.

Learn how you can Give. Share. and Lead at campaign.campbel.edu/givingday.