ChurchWise Resilience Series: Emotional Intelligence

The 2021 Churchwise Series focuses on the power of resilience to inspire and transform.  Featuring Roy Oswald and Hugh Hollowell, the fourth virtual workshop is titled “Emotional Intelligence.”

This asynchronous workshop is designed by watched at your own pace.

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Dr. Brian Foreman
Executive Director, Community Engagement and Leadership
Executive Director, Center for Church & Community
Campbell University


Emotional Intelligence

Roy Oswald

Roy M. Oswald, M.Div, B.Ed. Author, Seminar Leader, Senior Consultant for the Alban Institute for 31 years.

Roy M. Oswald has provided leadership for hundreds of conferences and training events in the U.S. and Canada. A variety of denominations have called on him to focus on the pastoral role and the dynamics of parish leadership. He also frequently consults with local congregations and judicatories where his planning model utilizes norms, myths and meaning statements from a church’s past. Roy Oswald is identified with research into the transitions clergy make when they enter parishes for the first time and for clergy in longer pastorates.  Roy is the co-authore with Dr Arland Jacobson of  The Emotional Intelligence of Jesus, Relational Smarts for Religious Leaders.


Hugh Hollowell

Hugh Hollowell Jr was called by Open Door Mennonite Church in 2018 to be its Community Pastor, where he helps Open Door engage its neighbors and the larger world. He and his wife Renee live in the Fondren neighborhood of Jackson where they co-parent three cats and four chickens. Prior to moving to Jackson, he was the founder and pastor of Love Wins Ministries, a congregation made up of people experiencing homelessness in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Hugh came to be a Mennonite in adulthood, lured in by hospitality, peacemaking, and potluck dinners. He is an active writer and speaker on issues of race, justice, and poverty, with his work being featured in places like The Washington Post and Sojourners.  You can subscribe to his newsletter here.


Don Durham and Vlad Karpel

Don Durham is a pastor and personal coach who also runs the Healing Springs Acre farm which harvests food for those in need.  Learn more