Devotion for September 12, 2022

Vision and Action                 Luke 4:19, Matthew 6:9-13

The bumper sticker proclaimed, “Imagine World Peace!”  This got my brain to working.  My thoughts quickly moved to the relationship between imagination, vision, and transformation.  The sticker prodded me to “imagine” not to work for it!  Hmmm, still pondering that.

If Jesus would have had a car, there is a chance his bumper would have displayed a similar message, “Enter the Kingdom of God.”  After all, he was a visionary, a man who used his God-given imagination to transformative and redemptive ends.  Visions of Old Testament prophets informed his imagination and formed his vision of the Kingdom of God. The culture of his day was ripe for his transformation.

In Renovation of the Heart, Dallas Willard insists vision is foundational to beginning the journey toward becoming.  Proverbs declares, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  The hymn writer invites God to “be Thou my vision.” Imagination and vision are critical in forming vision and fueling transformation.

Jesus walked the paths of Galilee teaching people to pray, “…your [God’s] kingdom come, your will be done ON EARTH as it is in Heaven.”  Jesus asked people to imagine the possibilities of world peace.  He led people to imagine life in God’s restored intention, and to enter into the transformed Kingdom.

Those capable of using their God-given imagination pursued his vision in a path called discipleship and experienced transformation.  Still today, the Holy Spirit uses Jesus’ vision as a catalyst for transformation.  Lord knows we could use a bit of Heaven down here among us.

Dare to dream!  Dare to have an imagination and a vision for transformation.  The Spirit of God just might be upon you.  Imagine world peace.  Work for world peace.  Enter into the Kingdom of God!

A special thank you to Bo Prosser with the Center for Christian Education for this week’s devotion.