Humanities and STEM Together

Many articles supporting the humanities tend to go along with the typical dichotomy of the humanities versus STEM. The following articles argue that the humanities are important, but both disciplines should come together because they can learn from each other.

Shinn, Larry D. “Liberal Education vs. Professional Education: The False Choice.” Association of Governing Boards, 2014. Accessed 7 July. 2018.
Students are pressured to choose fields that will give them a career and part of the blame is on policy makers taking away funding from humanities programs in order to stress “professional training.” University leadership should also take initiative to promote the liberal arts education.

Summit, Jennifer, and Blakey Vermeule. “The ‘Two Cultures’ Fallacy.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, 1 July 2018. Accessed 11 July. 2018.
The argument of the humanities versus the sciences/STEM comes from the ancient argument of the “active” life and the “passive life.” This article lays out the history of this debate as well as its present stance.