Beyond the Numbers: The Intrinsic Value of the Humanities

When people discuss why the humanities should be supported, it is usually in conjunction with skills for the workplace or other career-related bonuses. However, by connecting the humanities with such benefits, it takes away from the actual intrinsic and lifelong benefits that come from studying the humanities. The following articles below discuss these lifelong benefits in detail:

Burriesci, Matt. “The Arts and Humanities Aren’t Worth a Dime.” Guernica, 22 June 2015. Accessed 20 July 2018.
It is true that humanities degrees do not produce a monetary value like STEM degrees do. However, their value comes in its subversion from “correct” answers and towards innovative thinking.

Fish, Stanley. “Stop Trying to Sell the Humanities: Arguments That They’re Useful Are Wrong, Anti-Humanistic, and Sure to Backfire.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, 17 June 2018. Accessed 11 July 2018.
According to Fish, promoting the humanities is unnecessary and doing so cheapens the value of the humanities. In addition, introducing the digital humanities as a type of compromise is only harmful and will actively work against what the humanities promotes.