Dual degree student, Hannah Munro, discovered passion for research and patients during HIV/AIDS prevention & clinical trial group

Hannah Munro

Incoming dual degree student, Hannah Munro, discovered her passion for research and patients during an HIV/AIDS prevention and clinical trial group.

Student Pharmacist Assistant: Hannah Munro

Program: Dual Doctor of Pharmacy & Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR), College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (CPHS)
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Undergraduate Experience: William Peace University

Why Campbell University’s Doctor of Pharmacy/MS Clinical Research dual degree program: I chose Campbell University for the family like atmosphere and how welcoming it felt when I first stepped on campus. I also chose Campbell for their dual degree program in clinical research, which many schools do not offer. I think Campbell has a lot to offer and that I will fit in great with their program.

Accomplishments, strengths, and passions: I graduated Magna Cum Laude from William Peace University. While there, I had my first experience with research on biofilm formation of Tuberculosis. After graduating I started working for the University of North Carolina for a HIV/AIDs prevention and treatment clinical trial group. This is the job that solidified my passion for research and helping patients through medical advances.   

What legacy does Hannah hope to leave: When I graduate from Campbell I aspire to be a Clinical Trial Director to aid in medical advances. My main goal in life is to be a good role model for others and have a positive impact on the people in my life.