Dual degree student serves community during COVID-19 pandemic

image of lopez

Student: Ivonne M. Santiago Lopez

Program: Pharmacy/Public Health Dual Degree

Where do you work: Harnett Health

What is your title: Pharmacy Technician

COVID-19 Service to Others: During the COVID-19 pandemic, I am serving my community by being a pharmacy technician. Some of my duties include pulling a patient’s medication after the pharmacist has approved them and taking them to the patient’s med bin or nurse after the pharmacist has checked them. I also make and deliver IV’s and many other things. There are many challenges, but my biggest challenge is trying not to get infected so that I can continue working. I know that I belong at the pharmacy helping my team in any way I can. My greatest reward is that I am using my knowledge, abilities, and different experiences to help and serve the community-my community. I hope we can win this pandemic so we can go back to “normal.” Sadly, the mental health of many people is being put at risk. There is growing fear, loss of jobs and lives, social and family distancing. There are many things influencing people’s mental health that have serious negative futuristic effects.

How did your training at Campbell help you to prepare for this crisis: I am aware of the different aseptic practices that I should perform at all times to avoid contamination. Being educated about medications, their mechanism of action, compounding procedures and techniques (including ingredients), uses, management and its management procedure, and dosage forms helps my performance at the pharmacy and minimizes my errors. I know exactly what questions to ask, when in doubt, so that the patient receives the best quality care. My knowledge allows me to offer assistance when the pharmacist or other healthcare providers need something.

I am very grateful to God for choosing this path for me. My parents, sister, and my Campbell family have helped me become who I am today and pushed me grow professionally and personally.