Dual degree student, Taylor Wilkins, loves Campbell’s familial feel

Program: Dual Physician Assistant & Master of Science in Public Health

Undergraduate Experience: Campbell University

Briefly describe your accomplishments, strengths, passions and experiences. What do you bring to the Campbell classroom? I am a recent Campbell graduate with a BS in Biology pre-PA with minors in math and chemistry. During my undergraduate years, I wanted to gain as much experience as I could in various groups and activities. I was a part of health profession clubs, the study abroad office, Asian student association, students for life, and I worked with the biology and chemistry departments as a lab instructor, review leader, and tutor.

In my spare time I volunteered at a pregnancy clinic, my church, the local hospital, and different Campbell events. I also worked as a CNA at Johnston Health Hospital in Smithfield. I served a rural population in the progressive care unit for over three years. Each of my experiences was crucial to me becoming who I am today and preparing me for my current program. My time working as a CNA and serving in various volunteer opportunities has ingrained in me a passion for the undeserved, a characteristic that I will carry with me in the public health program. I am excited to start PA school so I can utilize the skills that I learned in undergrad.

Why did you choose Campbell University, your program, and/or what are you most excited about? Having attended Campbell for undergrad, I was exposed to the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences early on. I recognized the familial feel that Campbell’s programs radiated. This was an important characteristic that I wanted for PA school because I want to learn and work with my fellow students in community and not competition. Moving forward, I cannot wait to dive into the wealth of knowledge that is waiting for me in the PA program, while balancing my current enjoyment of the public health program.

What are your career goals and/or what legacy do you hope to leave?

I see myself working as a physician assistant in a rural community, either at a primary care clinic or local hospital. I am interested in numerous specialties, especially cardiology, pediatrics, and emergency medicine, and given the flexibility of being a PA, I may be able to work in each of them someday. I would eventually love to venture into medical mission work.

Additional comments/fun facts: I am so thankful for all my friends and family, the Campbell faculty, and God for aiding me in my journey to grad school. I would not have accomplished what I have without them. I enjoy outdoor activities, running, traveling, photography, and painting!