Alumnus loves Campbell’s holistic approach to better understanding health care 

“I chose to pursue a degree in public health because I wanted to understand what systems and policies are in place, both on a national and local level, that directly impact the health of a community or group of people.”

Name: Treston Clark-LaRue

Program: Dual MPAP/MSPH

Were you a Campbell undergraduate student before joining us as a graduate or professional student? No

Tell us a little about your personal and professional journey/experience prior to starting the MSPH program. Prior to starting the MSPH program at Campbell, I attended the University of Pittsburgh where I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences. While in Pittsburgh I worked as a PCT to get my hours for PA school and also gained three years of experience doing research on drug use in the pregnant population. It was through that research that I fell in love with public health.

Why did you choose Public Health and what benefits do you believe you are gaining/have gained from attending Campbell? I chose to pursue a degree in public health because I wanted to understand what systems and policies are in place, both on a national and local level, that directly impact the health of a community or group of people. Campbell provided the education and necessary skills for me to understand every angle of healthcare, outside of what I discovered through a laboratory test or physical exam. 

Please summarize your practicum experience. Include the name of your team, location of practicum, and describe the work you are doing/did during the practicum. My practicum experience was focused on working with CommWell Health and their Positive Life Program. The Positive Life Program was designed to support a diverse population of people living with HIV by helping them access the care they need. While working with the team, I assessed and analyzed the housing and transportation needs of low-income HIV patients in rural North Carolina. I presented my findings to some of the leadership at CommWell and we discussed ways we could improve these health determinants for our population.

Describe your classroom experiences in the MSPH program. If graduating, talk about how it helped to prepare you for the position you currently hold or are hoping to gain. My classroom experience in this program was my favorite of all my educational experiences. Lectures were often engaging and involved a lot of group discussion and projects. I felt like every week I gained knowledge on topics I was unaware of or had not previously understood. As a whole, the faculty and students felt like one big family (PHamily). 

What position did you accept post graduation/What position are you hoping to do after graduation? I am currently a Physician Assistant at the Harnett County Health Department working the pediatric, employee, family planning, and STD clinics.

What was your research/practicum while in CUMSPH? Is your current position relate to your research? My research was on the transportation and housing needs of people living with HIV in the local counties. Although I do not work with HIV patients directly, I do work in the same county as some of those patients so I have a good understanding of the housing and transportation difficulties that exist in the area. 

What are your future plans in the public health profession/what legacy do you hope to leave? I would like to become involved in public health leadership and policy. I want to be known as someone who provided a voice for the underrepresented.

Why should prospective students choose Campbell Public Health over other Graduate and Professional schools? Campbell has a holistic approach to public health that allows you to learn and understand every angle of health care. Faculty are passionate about public health education and students will be prepared to enter policy-making, leadership, education, research, or whatever avenue of public health their heart desires. 

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