Engagement in Rural Philanthropy: Eight Ways for Funders to Interact Successfully

Hands on a tree trunk

Betsey Russell and Allen Smart recently wrote an article for Grantcraft that emphasizes the integral role that Rural plays in driving urban life.  Place-based initiatives have repeatedly been the most impactful in rural systems changes however, this can be daunting to urban funders.  The piece offers suggestions for funders that are not ready to be “place-based” but are willing to engage rural communities:

  1.  Engage genuinely
  2.  Work regionally
  3. Partner with smaller funders
  4. Engage through issue-based or state/regional philanthropy serving organizations (PSOs)
  5.  Develop new rural tools and metrics
  6. Understand and share the rural story
  7. Consider the 1%
  8.  Include the rural voice

The original article can be found on the Grantcraft website, please feel free to comment there or on the blog.