RWO #3: Basketball and Finding Purpose with Trae Bremer

Rhymes with Orange

Trae Bremer talks about how injuries derailed his basketball career at Campbell, but led him to find a new purpose and a higher calling in Campbell’s Divinity program. Host Billy Liggett talks about The Beatles and a Campbell writer from 50 years ago who wrote about the music scene in the late 60s.

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Show Notes

Guest: Trae Bremer

Hosts: Leah Whitt and Billy Liggett
Produced by: Leah Whitt, Billy Liggett and Sarah Hardin
Music: Oort Patrol

Rhymes With Orange is a product of the Office of Communications and Marketing at Campbell University.

Recorded Sept. 25, 2017, using space and equipment provided by the College of Arts & Sciences Communication Studies program (broadcasting department) and professor Brian Bowman.