RWO #4: STEM Education and Hands-On Learning with Lynn Albers

Rhymes with Orange

Lynn Albers, assistant professor of engineering, talks STEM education, the importance of hands-on learning and her experience teaching local high schoolers the art of robotics. Hosts Billy and Leah fawn over fall and all the glorious things the season brings (including Homecoming).

Show Notes

Guest: Dr. Lynn Albers

Hosts: Leah Whitt and Billy Liggett
Produced by: Leah Whitt, Billy Liggett and Sarah Hardin
Music: Oort Patrol

Rhymes With Orange is a product of the Office of Communications and Marketing at Campbell University.

Recorded Oct. 3, 2017, using space and equipment provided by the College of Arts & Sciences Communication Studies program (broadcasting department) and professor Brian Bowman.