Faculty Spotlight: Carl Bryan

Carl Bryan, Adjunct Instructor of Physical Education at Campbell, began teaching in 1990. He guesses that ten of his 28 years of teaching have been at Campbell (he claims he has lost count!). Bryan knew he wanted to teach and coach at the collegiate level from a young age, and is grateful for the opportunity to do both at Campbell.

Tell us about your teaching philosophy/style.

My teaching style is very kinesthetic, however that is very challenging with online classes.  Communication is the key and knowing one’s class is paramount.  You have to be plugged in and really read their results, their dialogue and their emails, and assuage concerns.  There has never been a perfect online semester as technology fails us from time to time.  I have to be “firm, fair, and friendly” while being flexible.

What makes the Campbell experience unique?

We do online physical education! And we do it well; the data we generate on behalf of our students plays a part in establishing baselines for their eventual doctor checkups and their physical training. I only have a student for eight weeks and they never see me face to face, but enthusiasm is never hard to muster with CU students!  They are top notch and a pleasure to grade as their work is outstanding!

What is your favorite book to recommend to students?

I love Galloway’s “Book on Running.” It is the handbook for going from a couch potato to a 5k, 10k or even a marathon.  I’d let you borrow mine, but it is literally falling apart from being used!