Faith in the Workplace

This blog post is written by Jim Morgan.  He has had a distinguished career in the business world, most recently retiring as CEO and President of Krispy Kreme Donuts. Jim lives in the Charlotte area and continues to teach a young adult Sunday School class with his wife Peggy.
I remember clearly that when I was in high school (and to a large degree when I was in college), I had absolutely no idea what type career I wanted to pursue once my schooling was completed. In addition, despite the fact that I was raised in a Christian home and attended church every single Sunday, I certainly did not consider what role my faith would play in whatever vocation I might undertake.
As a result of the above, I began building my career separate and apart from extending my faith walk. I identified my passion as being a keen interest in both the economy and the stock market, and I could find absolutely no linkage between those passions and God calling me to a faith-based life. 
Time passed, I pursued the previously mentioned passions and my career had the typical “ups” and “downs.” I continued to work hard in my chosen field during the week (and too often on Saturdays) and pursue my faith on Sundays. Yes, I was reading scripture more days than not and I was even teaching high school seniors in Sunday School at my home church . But, the connection between those two parts of my life was almost non-existent. 
More time passed and my career gradually evolved into roles within corporate management. I slowly began to realize that my real passion was no longer economics or the stock market. My greatest passion had evolved into a love of being with people. The Sunday School hour had become my favorite hour of the week as I both taught and learned from the high school seniors year after year.
I began to think that possibly I should have gone into the ministry rather than pursuing a corporate career. I began to bring more and more of my faith into the workplace, but I still wondered if I had missed God’s true calling on my life. Then, one day, I was listening to the radio and a deeply Christian football coach was being interviewed. At the conclusion of the interview, the radio host asked the coach the following question: “Why did you not go into the ministry?” Without hesitating, the coach responded: “I did. Football is my ministry.” At that very moment, my inner career conflict was resolved. I realized what I hope everyone that reads this will understand and accept at a far earlier age that did I… your career, in fact your life, IS YOUR MINISTRY!
Once you fully understand the above, your vocation and your faith will merge and God’s calling on your life will be clearer than ever before. Then, and only then, is when life begins to be truly exciting each and every day!