The Value of an English Degree

The following articles are geared towards prospective and current English majors to help support their decision to pursue an English degree.

Connors, Kelsey. “Defending the English Major.” University Wire, Proquest, 16 Feb. 2017. Retrieved 17 July. 2018.
Studying English provides many useful skills that can help in any career field. Writing skills and communication are integral in business, creativity applies to advertising, and attention to detail translates into editing. Connors seeks to explain the functionality of the English major.

Gregoire, Carolyn. “In Defense of the ‘Impractical’ English Major.” The Huffington Post, 6 Dec. 2017. Accessed 12 July. 2018.
There are non-monetary positives to getting an English degree like being involved in humanitarian efforts and creating a great American novel.

Schwarz, Daniel R. “What to Do with a B.A. in English?” The Huffington Post, 23 Jan. 2014. Accessed 17 July. 2018.
English majors do end up teaching, but they also pursue graduate degrees, journalism, publishing, and other careers.

Strauss, Steve. “Why I Hire English Majors.” The Huffington Post, 23 Aug. 2013. Accessed 17 July. 2018.
Strauss is a businessman who prefers English majors as employees because they have critical thinking skills, can defend their positions, and can articulate themselves.