Former D1 athlete and third year pharmacy student, Sam Harrell, pursues a dual degree in pharmaceutical sciences to gain more research-based experience

Samantha Harrell Blog

Student Name: Sam Harrell

Program: PharmD/MSPS

Anticipated graduation: 2023

Undergraduate Institution/Degree(s) obtained: Gardner-Webb University, BS in Chemistry with a minor in Biology

Where are you originally from: Elizabeth City, NC

Why did you choose Campbell University?

I initially chose Campbell because it was a small campus and had small classes like my undergraduate institution. I loved Campbell on my interview day because I felt like I was already known by the faculty, and they really made an effort to get to know me personally, not just as a prospective student. I liked that most professors had an open-door policy and that they genuinely enjoyed having students drop by whether it be for educational advice or just to say hello. I knew I would be able to excel and build connections with the small campus and small class sizes. I felt at home right away and knew I belonged here.

Briefly describe your accomplishments, strengths, passions and experiences. What do you bring to the Campbell classroom? 

A lot of my life has been spent around sports and that is where most of accomplishments, passions and experiences come from. I started playing softball when I was 5 years old and was lucky enough to continue that passion all throughout college. I was given a scholarship to play softball at Gardner-Webb University, fulfilling my dream of being a D1 athlete. I have won countless championships, awards, and even a national championship when I was 16 years old. The awards and recognitions I’ve received are wonderful and have been some of the happiest times of my life, but the work to get there is what defines me. The dedication, grit, and motivation that it took to play at the highest collegiate level are what got me into pharmacy school and have allowed me to make it this far. I bring these same qualities to the classroom and know that they will help me be a great pharmacist one day. Pharmacy school has presented its share of difficult times, but the qualities I acquired from being so involved with sports has helped me navigate. My dedication and self-discipline have allowed me to succeed in pharmacy school and they will only continue to help me as I care for patients in the future. I bring compassion and kindness to those around me and I cannot wait to give the same to patients in the future.

What do you hope to accomplish at Campbell CPHS?

I hope to be the best student, classmate, friend, and community member that I can be. I am part of CPHS organizations and while I do not hold any leadership positions, I want to be an active participant that is known for always helping out and being there when needed. I want my friends, classmates, and community to know that I am there for them and that I will do whatever I can to help them. I hope to not only become the best pharmacist I can but also transform into the best person I can be outside of the classroom as well. I want to have a positive impact on the community outside of pharmacy.

What are your career goals and/or what legacy do you hope to leave?

My career goals have changed during different stages of my life. My immediate goals are to achieve and complete a PGY1 residency program and possibly a PGY2. I am leaning towards Ambulatory Care. I hope to work in a geriatric or endocrine focused outpatient clinic. I would like to get my CPP so I can prescribe medications for my patients. The legacy I hope to leave is one where I am remembered as providing the best care to my patients and being a reliable confidant both medically and personally. I want to be involved in the local high schools as well, educating students on their health and being involved in their lives. I believe it’s important to show students that we as a community care about them and their future. I would like to offer some kind of internship or apprentice program with my practice to help get high school students involved in the healthcare field.

What dual degree are you completing and why did you choose to pursue a dual degree?

I am completing the dual degree Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and PharmD program. I chose to pursue a dual degree because I was not sure if I wanted to be more research focused or clinical focused in my career. I loved being in the lab when I was working on my undergraduate degree and wanted to apply that to pharmacy. I was interested in drug development and thought the dual program would allow me to gain experience while simultaneously earning my PharmD.

Additional comments you would like to share – it can be anything about your hobbies, journey, faith, pets, etc.

In my free time, I enjoy working out, reading, being outside, and playing/watching all sports. I love participating in intramural sports here on campus and I am part of a small group with Campus Ministries. I have had same the leader during my four years here and I have enjoyed her and the girls every single year. I also attend Buies Creek Baptist Church and have really found a place that nourishes my faith. I am a volunteer assistant softball coach for the JV and Varsity softball teams at Triton High School in Erwin. This will be my fourth and final year helping, and I cannot express how rewarding it has been and how much fun I have had. I love the girls so much and this small town will forever hold a place in my heart. I also have a sweet dog named Sophie! I just recently rescued her from the Harnett County Animal Shelter at the beginning of this month and she brings me so much joy every day. She is a two-year-old black lab mix that is no taller than my knees, but she is a full-on firecracker!

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