Get to know two #CampbellGivingDay challenge sponsors, J. and Kaylyn Deaver

On Campbell Giving Day, Campbell’s annual day of giving, the Campbell community unites to give back to the university. The goal is to have over 1,300 donors “Go Orange” and give back in one day to support Campbell’s mission.

If the goal is reached, those gifts will unlock $50,000 to student scholarships, sponsored by Kaylyn, ’16 and J. Deaver, ’17, and Carolyn, ’64 and Bob Gresham, ’64.

We asked J. and Kaylyn to tell us a little about themselves and why they give back to Campbell:

Tell us about yourselves. Who are you, how did you meet and when did you graduate?

“We are both originally from North Carolina, and are now living the dream together in Austin, Texas. In a true Cinderella story, we first met in Renee Green’s office at the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business during Welcome Week.

I (Kaylyn) graduated in December, 2016, with a Bachelor in Business Administration – Accounting, and J graduated in May, 2017 with a Master’s in Business Administration, Bachelor of Trust and Wealth Management and Business Administration – Economics degree.”

What brought you to Campbell?

“When we toured Campbell as high school seniors, we were initially attracted to Campbell because of its culture and home-like feel. We still feel that way every time we’re on campus- the friendly faces and warm welcomes just make you feel at home. Not only did Campbell give us each other, but we also gained countless friendships, leadership opportunities, access to a strong alumni network, and valuable career opportunities.”

Why do you give to Campbell?

“We were able to attend Campbell thanks to generous donors, and we give to Campbell so that we can be a blessing to future students, just as we were blessed.  We hope to leave a legacy and invest in the education of the next generation of Camels.”

Why should others give to Campbell?

“Giving to Campbell is a great opportunity to pay it forward. We have all been blessed in our own unique way, and this is a chance to bless others. College is becoming increasingly more expensive, and giving to Campbell is a way to help future Camels receive an unrivaled educational experience. So much of our college experience came outside the classroom through involvement in on-campus activities and leadership opportunities, and we just want everyone to have the same opportunity.”

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