Giving with Purpose: Anita Mullins Brown

Working in a library was always a dream for Anita Brown. “In fact,” she recalls, “It was my first dream.”  

As a preschooler in her hometown, Anita’s father brought her to the children’s section of the public library. A woman (whose portrait is still hanging in that same library) showed little Anita how to find her favorite book. 

“It meant so much to me as a preschooler. This lady is showing me how to find a book in the library. She was on my level, we sat in tiny chairs. I wanted to be her. That was my first dream.” 

According to Anita, “a lot of life” has happened since then, but she ultimately did find her way into many different libraries throughout her career. 

Path to Campbell

Anita met her husband in her last semester at a Bible college in South Carolina. After some years of moving from place to place, her husband was transferred east, and the couple took residence in Dunn. 

Anita was determined to secure a job at Campbell and put her husband through Divinity School. Her determination paid off; she landed a job as the reserve assistant in Carrie Rich library, and put him through his bachelor’s degree and master’s in Divinity. 

“I owe everything to Campbell.”  

Fifteen years later, Anita continues to serve Campbell, now as the serials assistant of Wiggins Memorial Library. 

“The Place”

To Anita, a library is “The Place.” The place where students can pursue knowledge in a comfortable environment, conducive to all study preferences. 

“Students are our leaders of today and tomorrow. The last thing they need to worry about is a dirty table, waiting in line, network issues…it’s all about the students. What do you need to achieve your goals?” 

While pursuing his Public Health degree, Sterling Ta’Bon (‘18) worked in the library as a graduate assistant. He witnessed firsthand Anita’s focus on meeting students’ needs, saying, “She does the duties that often go overlooked, but that are needed for students to have the proper resources and care. Ms. Anita is always willing to give, whether it’s an apple or ginger ale out of her office.” 

Campbell students’ willingness to learn from each other is one of many characteristics that impresses Anita.  She believes, “Our students are individuals with their own philosophies of life, and they’ve developed their own worldview. But they’re going to be challenged every day by people who do not think like they do, and I’m just so impressed with Campbell students’ willingness to learn and understand, respect humanity and honor God.” 

Giving with Purpose

Anita generously supports the library through the Giving with Purpose employee giving campaign. “I firmly believe in education, and I’ve always been a friend of the library everywhere we’ve lived.” Anita also supports the Divinity School to say “thank you” for all they did for her husband. 

Anita has made a lasting impact on many students and alumni, including Sterling. “She’s a beautiful soul and makes being at Campbell an experience that went beyond my academic studies.” 

Giving with Purpose

2021 – 2022 Employee Giving Campaign

Each year, our employees have the opportunity to support the mission and students of Campbell University. All employees are encouraged to give at a level they feel comfortable and to the fund that means the most to them. Your gifts impact the lives of our biggest investment: our students.