Giving with Purpose: Jared Fries

Jared Fries (‘04) is an advocate for the value of a college degree. He supports student athletes in his role as the Associate Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Support, and serves Campbell through purposeful giving.  

Returning to Campbell

After earning a bachelor’s degree from Campbell in 2004, completing graduate school and working in college athletics for seven years, Jared returned to Campbell for a new professional opportunity. “I wanted an experience where student athletes were more integrated into the larger population and were part of the campus life, and I knew that to be true about Campbell.” 

Jared believes Campbell’s greatest strength is concern and care for students. In his role, Jared interacts with the academic side of the University and students. He appreciates the accessibility of professors, observing, “It’s the only place I’ve ever been where professors put their cell phone numbers on their syllabi.” Working closely with student athletes, Jared can see Campbell through their eyes. “Our athletes echo what Campbell is. They are valued, seen and supported.” 

Not only does Jared witness faculty and staff’s support of student athletes, but he also exhibits care that does not go unnoticed. Andrew Eudy (‘19), a former men’s basketball player, shared his thoughts on his advisor: “Jared was the behind-the-scenes guy that doesn’t get enough praise. The truth is, the program would not run without him. He made my experience at Campbell very smooth and always kept me on track academically.”

Impactful giving

Always student-centric, Jared loyally supports the Campbell Opportunity Scholarship, which provides direct aid to students facing unforeseen financial hardships. He understands that cost is often a significant barrier for prospective and current students – it would have been for him had he not received scholarships. Students often have to ask, “How can I afford it?” Jared wants that concern to be out of the equation as much as possible. “[I contribute] so if they want to be here, they don’t have to make a choice based on finances.” 

Jared is a strong advocate for the value of a higher education. What you learn in the classroom, interacting with different worldviews, participating on a team; students learn valuable lessons during their college experience. Not to mention the higher earning potential of college graduates. 

Additionally, Jared recognizes the quality education he received at Campbell, and notes it in the students he advises. After starting graduate school at the University of Florida, a top-five public school, he quickly realized the level of preparation Campbell gave him. “I didn’t have a TA or a GA teach a class when I was a student here,” he reflects. In his role as an academic advisor and having worked elsewhere, he appreciates Campbell’s emphasis on faculty-led courses. “It makes a really big difference in the classroom.” 

As a staff member and alumnus, Campbell is a worthy investment for Jared because it provides life-changing experiences. “It makes a difference in students’ lives. It made a difference in mine.” 

Giving with Purpose

2021 – 2022 Employee Giving Campaign

Each year, our employees have the opportunity to support the mission and students of Campbell University. All employees are encouraged to give at a level they feel comfortable and to the fund that means the most to them. Your gifts impact the lives of our biggest investment: our students.