Graduation Weekend 2019

The Campbell Alumni Association hosts events for the Class of 1969, #Campbell19

50-Year Reunion Celebration

The Campbell University Alumni Association had the privilege of welcoming 27 alumni from the Class of 1969 back to campus this past weekend for their 50-Year Reunion Celebration and Golden Club induction.

Campbell’s newest Golden Club members, gathered on campus on Friday, May 10 to reunite with their classmates and . The two-day event included an organ concert, a tour of campus, commemorative meals together, a Golden Club induction and front row seats to Saturday’s undergraduate graduation.

Class of 1969 attendees: (first row, left to right): Lorena Denning, Ron Ponzar, Nancy Simcox, Mary Olive Woodall, Preston Britt, Clara Capps, Jill Kinney, James Burns (second row, left to right): Geanie Morgan Slifer, Sandra Chestnut, Preston Britt, Rosalin (Rosy) Gilbert, Linda Booker, Terrance Minnick (back row, left to right): David Russ, Daniel Caston, Ted Hinson, Cathie Taylor Fussell, James Nichols, III, David Pope, David Beach, Murray Bowman, Karen Adams Gerstmyer.

Quotes from attendees:

“An incredible weekend! It was a leap of faith to go alone to a campus I had not seen since May of 1969. One more thing checked off my bucket list!  Outstanding job of hosting us at the reunion! Thank you, Alumni team!” – Jilly Kinney (’69)

“I came back to campus a few years ago, and I asked about the reunion. I was told it was always done graduation week, so I knew to be looking out for it. We came back for Dr. Creed’s inauguration, and then we came for the first alumni event in D.C. I worked on a college campus and these things interest me, so I was looking for events like this on my campus. I enjoyed having my picture taken with the mascot (Gladys). I really loved the organ, I had heard the organ at the inauguration, and I was looking forward to coming back and hearing it again. It is very meaningful. It’s a neat thing. The event reinforces how much Campbell means to alumni. When they were students, you didn’t think they cared that much, but it means a lot that they cared enough to come back.” – Karen Gerstmyer  (’69)

“I just have a love for this school because God used it to really launch my career. It was really a turning point in my academic life. The reason I went to my 50-Year Reunion was just to celebrate my love for Campbell. It was a way to celebrate, give back and just enjoy the fellowship of other guys from my class. I already loved the school and loved getting involved, but getting back for my fiftieth reunion was special. 

At the dinner Friday night, Sarah and Nikki just were incredible hosts, they did a marvelous job. We went around and talked about what Campbell meant to us while were there and what it’s meant to us since we left. It was really neat to see how some of my classmates, how their lives had really changed as a result of their education at Campbell.

The second highlight was walking into Gore Arena and be able to sit on the front row, I was so humbled by that, to walk in and look at all of those students, it sent chills down my spine, it was a real honor.

I would tell the class of 1970 to come because if they don’t come they will regret it. I would tell them that if they go and see what’s happened at their university after fifty years, they will be so proud of the institution they graduated from. The weekend was nostalgic, inspirational, and exciting.” – Bob Fitch (’69)

The Class of 1969 attendees pose for a group photo outside of Marshbanks Dining Hall.

View a full photo recap from the Class of 1969’s weekend-long celebration here.

Campbell Reunion Zero alumni volunteers pose for a photo.
Alumni volunteers (left to right): Norman Bannerman (’97), Lawrence Powers (’09, ’13), Christie Stafford (’06 ), Marsha McCoy (’08), Sandra Howard (’81, ’78), Randall Johnson (’81)

On the morning of Saturday, May 11, several Campbell alumni volunteers were busy hosting a new favorite tradition, #CampbellReunion0. The purpose of #CampbellReunion0 is to celebrate the accomplishments of the newest Campbell alumni, without forcing them to wait until 2029 for a 10-year class reunion. Immediately following the graduation ceremony, smiling alumni volunteers were waiting outside the John W. Pope Jr. Convocation Center, ready to engage with these newest members of the alumni community. They helped them take photos with their families and friends, mark where they are headed next on our alumni map, and gave them custom Campbell alumni photo frames with a spot to slide a photo from the big day.

Our alumni volunteers are so excited for the opportunity to connect with these newest graduates and encourage their participation in alumni events in the future. They hope that their work on graduation day helped to add another special memory to this exciting day, and that the Class of 2019 will find new ways to engage with their alma mater in the future. We are so thankful for their alumni volunteers – this day would not be the same without them!

It was a pleasure to host the Class of 1969 for their 50-year reunion during the #Campbell19 graduation weekend and to welcome new graduates into the Campbell alumni family at #CampbellReunion0. Class of 1970 – be sure to mark your calendars for your celebration next May!

Classes of 1979, 1994, 2009 and the Golden Club we hope to see you at Homecoming for your 40, 25, 10 and 50 year reunions on Saturday, October 19 in Alumni Village. Stay tuned to for updates.

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Rachel Davis, Office of Alumni Engagement Student Worker Writer

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