Halloween was not the only thing scaring DPT student Madison Taylor

Halloween isn’t the only thing scaring me…

Starting physical therapy school was one of the most exhilarating yet terrifying moments of my life. I was indescribably excited to meet my classmates and professors, yet incredibly anxious about all the things I did not know. Well, you may be feeling this way too, and I am here to reassure you, you are not alone. Everyone feels a version of this, but the beautiful part is that everyone is on the same level.

It doesn’t matter about previous experience, credentials, or jobs; everyone is at the beginning of a doctorate level program with the same content to go through to complete the program. In addition, every professor wants you to succeed, and they will help you in whatever way possible.

After a few weeks, and a solid Google calendar schedule later, a new normal will be established. It was so much fun walking into a class with 38 other people knowing little to nothing about a topic and leaving with the knowledge to help patients. And this was only the beginning. Learning can be scary. Learning in a doctorate level program, possibly far away from home and friends, is scary. This new normal is scary, but it’s the best thing to happen to you.

The opportunity for failure and success will mold you into this amazing therapist and person who wants nothing but to change lives. Start every day with a clean slate, ready to fail and ready to chase every opportunity. It’s worth it.

Madison Taylor, DPT2