Happy two-year brand-iversary!

As Campbell University’s brand strategist, I need your help.

Two years ago, we rebranded Campbell and introduced a new logo, and the adoption has been amazing. Since then, we have been testing and evaluating areas for improvement — one of those is clarifying our brand and how we all impact it.

We each play a significant role in building our University’s reputation — the same reputation that shapes our students’ decision to invest in a Campbell education.

Reputation is immune to our roles and titles. We all contribute to how the world sees Campbell, through everyday actions like how we treat our students to rare moments like going out of our way to escort a lost visitor to their destination. Everything matters.

We are all brand ambassadors. We are all Campbell. 

Over the next six months, you will be receiving a series of short emails from me and others in University Marketing exploring what branding really is and why it all matters. My goal in creating this project is to equip you with the knowledge, tools and information you need to help us collectively grow the University’s local and national reputation.

Every member of our campus community is working hard to make a difference and grow Campbell — but without a “brand North Star,” we drift off course, and the “who we are” loses clarity and impact. As the higher education market continues to evolve, we need to make sure we are navigating as efficiently and effectively as possible.